We Help Entrepreneurs and Startups Bring Awesome Products and Services to Markets.

We Help Innovative Startups Develope Their Mobile Habbit Apps.

We Help Growing Startups to keep their users safe with our Ethical 'White Hat' hacking services.

Ruby on Rails, iOS Apps and White Hacking

For over 10 Years in the Market we have been helping clients like you in Getting the Most out of technology to serve their business needs.

Designers at Be Genius take ownership of the front end development and the product, visual interaction and user experience design on our projects. We apply new methodologies in validation-driven design, make use of best practices, contribute to open source, taking in considerations Agile and Lean philosophies and we are always improving our process.


Web developers at Be Genius build habit products that give users fast and responsive experience. we always keep in mind product durable and maintainability using test-driven development. we are always passionate about flexible well written code. We contribute to open source. We work on increasing our knowledge on a daily bases.


iOS developers at Be Genius are experts on building native iPhone and iPad apps that solve users problem with an extraordinary memorable mobile experience. We use the latest technologies and tool sets. We always benchmark our apps memory usage and performance using best practices and test-driven development. We constantly improve our knowledge.


White Hackers at Be Genius are the top in the industry. we are listed in the top social and coorportate sites such as Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Fiverr and Twitter. We make use of all the security CSRF, Brute Force, Social Engineering and XSS vulnerability attacks. We Design Security Assessments Process and we always have your covered. Your security is our big concern.

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We love big ideas

We are a team of Product Developers, User Experience and White Hackers.

Growing Startups hire us to solve problems for their customers. So, We interview our potentional clients. We sketch your idea. We prototype it. and we ship the final working product, and we measure the use of your product helping with you a growth hacking strategies for growing your business.


Mohamed A. Hassan

Front End Developer


Emmanuel Madina

Tech Lead


Gustavo Ortiz

Chief Architect

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